The Eliza Dushku fanlisting is run by Raina and is part of the Eternity of Misery Fanlisting Collective. It was previously owned by Gracelyn, who adopted it October 2011 from Jo. This fanlisting is listed at The Fanlistings Network.


The layout features images from one of Eliza's 2009 photoshoots and was designed and coded by Raina. The fanlisting title Grace was inspired by one of Eliza's tattoo's. The layout also features the words Lead, Kindly Light, which is the title of a mormon hymn Eliza sang when she was younger and she also has this tattoo'd in script on her left hip. Eliza has several other tattoo's including a cross on her ankle, a feather on her ribs and an albanian double-headed eagle on her back.

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